Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Ishmael United - If you can't shout saved

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I is for Ishmael United

In 1985 I discovered a group called Ishmael United in the bargain basket of my local Christian book store. I loved the cassette and told anybody I met about it. I lent it it to a friend who lent it  to someone in his youth group who lent it  to her boyfriend. Then in perfect sitcom fashion, he broke up with her, she stopped going to youth group and I never saw the cassette again. At about the same time the cassette went out of print. Enter Youtube ,someone takes a video of one of the songs playing and it's 1985 all over again


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Rhonda S. said...

I love that someone captured it for Youtube. So many great recordings are lost. I have one from when I was a kid called "Adventures of a Dugout". I finally got it converted to an MP3 a few years ago as the tape was super fragile. This is inspiring me to get it online for others to enjoy this great missionary story.

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