Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Old Television Shows

You Tube A TO Z

O is for Old Televison Shows

If you are an aficionado of old television programs, like I am, You Tube, is a dream come true.  

You Tube is a treasure trove of t,v, from it's golden age to the present day.  Here is an episode of the old Panel Show What's My Line.

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Trudy said...

I've been enjoying Antennae TV. I've almost watched the entire 8 seasons of Barney Miller on there. Of course, that's not as old as "What's My Line." (I used to watch that way back when.)

(A to Z blogger, visiting from

Bob Scotney said...

I wasn't expecting this to be a US TV show. I remember the British programme.

Joanne said...

Hey! I just interviewed Peter Yarrow for the newspaper - he's coming to Falmouth (MA) to perform with the Falmouth Chorale. He was super nice and must be very used to giving phone interviews because he spoke (thankfully) very slowly!
Happy A to Z!

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